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LoRa* LoRa
LoRa, which stands for Long Range, is a patented wireless digital data transmission technology developed in France. A standard that has grown and spread all over the world. LoRa is used to build wireless networks on license-free frequencies over large areas. LoRa enables the transmission of data over long distances. The focus is on low energy consumption, long range and low BER (error rate in data transmission). LoRa is a hardware and manufacturer independent standard
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Few words from us

We and our partners come from different environments and places, and what we have in common is the will and the idea to save water and the environment.

Our system "XWSS" is adapted to all environments in all countries and it saves on our vital water when irrigated in both industrialized and developing countries.

Ytronic Sverige AB
We are a company that develops its own systems and products with LoRa technology for efficient collection of data from various sensors.

Ytronic Sverige AB

Sells Xtronic sensors and measurement technology via ours own LoRa network. Long range and data collection 365/24.

Environmentally friendly systems
Our systems are powered by solar energy and rechargeable batteries with a long life. Our circuit boards are lead free.

Environmentally friendly

The systems are powered by environmentally friendly solar energy and encapsulated batteries


The products are cost effective


A selection of our systems.

Xtronic Water Saving Solution
Water when needed, where needed and for as long as needed. Save water for the environment and use automatic irrigation from Ytronic Sweden

Xtronic Water Saving Solution (XWSS) facilitates irrigation and saves the environment.


Xtronic Water Saving Solution

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Xtronic Holiday Home Surveillance
Guard your holiday home when you are away from power outages, water leaks, temperature etc.
Only available in Sweden


Xtronic Holiday Home Surveillance

Only available in Sweden
Xtronic Soil Pollution Detection
Measures NKP (nitrogen, potassium And phosphorus), As well As moisture And temperature In the soil


Xtronic Soil Pollution Detection

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Xtronic Water Quality System
Measures water And air temperature As well As pollutants In the water at public bathing sites


Xtronic Water Quality System

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Xtronic Bluetooth Low Energy
A mobile-adapted access system that can be integrated With booking systems And a variety Of other applications


Xtronic Bluetooth Low Energy

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